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Last time this conductor came in, my desk partner said he looked like a Mexican horse thief, and he was right. Here he is, fresh from the mexican plains.



Opera Babes in Lisbon

Beach Photos

BSO tour of Germany

Holiday in Lisbon with Jean.

BSO tour of Spain

Monasterio De Las Descalzas Reales.



Evening sing-song

Mikado revival.

Carl Rosa logo.

Gree d


Sloth again


Gluttony again







Memories of Carl Rosa.

For about a year we had a leader called Bev, who was a fantastic player, and very charismatic. She went through a phase of being annoyed with people who's feet poked into the pit, and started untying their shoelaces. Eventually she started hanging things off their feet, and one woman had a heavy handbag hanging for about a minute before she started wiggling her toes. How we laughed...


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